President’s Message

President’s Message
March 9, 2015 BC Bartender
Garnishing Drink

Hello BC Bartenders & Bar Enthusiasts!

Welcome to our new website. Since its inception in 2009, the Canadian Professional Bartenders Association has taken a lot of steps in the betterment of the Canadian Bartending Industry. We started off as a group of 10 likeminded individuals who all had a common goal – to capture the passion and professionalism of our industry and bring us to the world stage, while helping educate and develop our peers in this crazy job that is Bartender.

We’re heading into our 6th year as a non-profit organization and times certainly have changed. We’ve seen growth in so many areas of our business in Vancouver and beyond. Community leaders have grown to run world-recognized businesses, our bartenders have hit the global stage with vigor. We’ve seen Tales of the Cocktail & the boys from PDT choose our city to make their first pit-stops outside of their home town, and we’re about to receive the great people from Speed Rack in just a few short weeks.

I feel safe saying that we’ve created a community in which others are proud to take part.

Our new site is designed to be a simpler version of what came before. It is a tool for us to get information out to our members, show off some great pics, and keep everyone informed of what is coming down the pipe for events, competitions & happenings. We’re looking forward to showcasing everyone’s successes as this site takes us into the next chapter of Canadian Bartending. We’re open to any suggestions, submissions of photos and content so if you have an article or a post you’d like to share – please send it over. Our goal is to make this site a bigger part of our members’ day to day.

There are so many fantastic personalities that should be recognized for the growth in the Vancouver & British Columbia Bar scene – too many to name each of them, but we on the executive board of your 2014 CPBA – BC Chapter would like to thank everyone for their continued support of our organization. Thank you for countless (selfless) hours donated in the dozens of events, competitions, seminars and activities put on over the last year and for all of those that continue to drive our industry and keep it creative and exciting. As the new members of the board take on their new responsibilities we would all like to extend a big thanks to our membership and raise a glass to the CPBA for the coming year & beyond. Cheers!

Trevor Kallies

President – CPBA – BC Chapter