Our Mission

Our Mission

To foster community and promote the advancement of the profession of Bartending in Canada

The Canadian Professional Bartenders Association (CPBA) is an organization formed in Vancouver in 2009 by a small group of Bartenders with a simple mission: to foster community and promote the advancement of the profession of Bartending in Canada. One of our main functions is to serve as an educational platform for our members to learn more about service, spirits, beer, wine, and cocktails. We also partner up with bar industry brands and companies through associate memberships, providing opportunities for bartenders to connect with bartenders and work together to push the industry in new and exciting directions.

The CPBA represents a collective voice for bartenders to have a constructive dialogue with their respective provincial liquor licensing agencies across Canada, with the aim of raising awareness of quality products to provide to consumers.

We are a registered Non-Profit organization (S-55806). All of the funds we raise are allocated to provide events, education and benefits for our membership. Our national headquarters is based in Vancouver and we currently have provincial chapters in Alberta, British Columbia and Ontario with hundreds of members across Canada.

We invite working or aspiring Bartenders and industry friends to join our growing community and connect with other passionate, like-minded individuals through our website and by attending events happening in your local community.


The purpose of the society is:

Codes of Conduct

All members of the society agree:

  • To make available the opportunity for the exchange of news, techniques, and ideas between association members to encourage a high standard of competence and conduct for the benefit and advancement of the profession of Bartending in Canada.
  • To encourage the standardization of established and new mixed drink recipes.
  • To establish an apprenticeship program led by CPBA sanctioned members.
  • To endorse and promote educational facilities and courses for bartending.
  • To provide educational seminars and workshops for employers to encourage staff development and competence in the profession of bartending.
  • To provide a web-based resource for the further education and advancement of CPBA members.
  • To promote a close relationship and liaison between the association members and respective provincial liquor licensing bodies.
  • To host an annual bartending competition, open to all CPBA members.
  • To uphold the CPBA constitution both in spirit and in practice at their respective workplaces.
  • To uphold these standards while representing the CPBA at hospitality industry events or competitions, and while patronizing other establishments both locally and abroad.
  • To encourage and support fellow members in the common pursuit of knowledge, advancement and development in the bartending profession in Canada.
  • To abstain from driving a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol and to take reasonable steps to prevent others from getting behind the wheel of a motorized vehicle while under the influence of alcohol.
  • All memberships are subject to review by the CPBA committee as circumstances or events dictate.
  • CPBA memberships/renewals can be denied, suspended, or revoked without refund or notice if deemed necessary by a majority vote of the CPBA committee at an official CPBA meeting.