Gin-A-Palooza Wraps Up in Style with Noteworthy Gin

Gin-A-Palooza Wraps Up in Style with Noteworthy Gin
August 19, 2015 Trevor Kailles

It has been a crazy week for gin and gin cocktails. 10 Vancouver bars are participating in the first (and we hope Annual) Vancouver Gin-A-Palooza. That’s 10 bars, 10 gins and 30 feature cocktails to taste and try. It has also brought out the Gin Pros – Beefeater’s MIXLDN was announced shortly before the festival started, Josh Lindley of Hendrick’s Gin made his first visit to YVR as Hendrick’s Brand Ambassador and now we’re excited to announce that on Tuessday, August 25 The CPBA will be hosting Grant Stevely of Dubh Glas Distillery as he puts on a tasting of his latest: Noteworthy Gin.


He’ll discuss the eight botanicals used in the gin and how the flavour and aroma notes are complimented by them. He’ll also go through  his method of creating his very own Gin recipe (and all the trials and tribulations). He’ll go through the in-depth  unique distillation process of crafting Noteworthy Gin. He’ll also be bringing along the base spirit to nose and taste, the eight botanicals for aroma analysis and a sample of Noteworthy before it’s filtered and cut to bottling strength – a true deconstructed tasting to see how it goes from Neutral Grain to Glass. They also are in the process of aging a  single-malt whisky so expect discussion on that topic as well.


Of course it wouldn’t be a CPBA event without a cocktail or two.

The tasting is free to attend and space is limited so please RSVP if you are keen to be a part of this tasting.


Date: Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Time: 3pm

Location: The Blackbird – 905 Dunsmuir (2nd Floor)