Speed Rack Canada

Speed Rack Canada
April 28, 2015 Trevor Kailles



Calling all Bartenders and Bar Enthusiasts!

This Saturday marks the first ever Speed Rack Canada. The girls from the Women-Only speed cocktail competition Ivy Mix & Lynette Marrero are on their way and bringing cocktails and speed with them. Speed Rack is a non-profit organization that raises awareness of breast cancer. They travel to major cities across the United States challenging female bartenders to create classic cocktails with precision, class & most of all speed. Their goal – to become Miss Speed Rack. It takes passion, dedication and finesse to win this title.


The format is simple – 16 women from all across Canada will convene this Saturday afternoon at Eat! Vancouver. The field will compete first only against the clock as they try to post their best time making the same four cocktails as each of the other competitors. The preliminaries are about one thing – speed. The quality of the drinks counts as well – as these ladies can be knocked out if they make a drink incorrectly or if it is simply un-servable. That is some serious pressure for ten o’clock in the morning on a Saturday!

Only the top 8 times will advance to the main stage. The Finals will take place in traditional head-to-head bracket form. Whomever posts the fastest time in the preliminary competition will be matched up against the 8th fastest. 2nd versus 7th, 3 versus 6 etc.

The girls will now take drink orders from a panel of four judges: Jennifer English (James Beard award-winning founder of Food & Wine Radio Network), Wendy McGuinness (Bar Manager, Chambar Restaurant), David Wolowidnyk (Bar Manager, West Restaurant) and King Cocktail himself Dale Degroff. Each judge will order a classic or modern classic cocktail and the competitors will go head-to-head against each other and against the clock. The drinks will have to not only be made fast, but also to spec as a servable cocktail in a high-end cocktail bar. The judges will assess the drink and judge it based on cocktail quality- They can choose to add time to each drink or deem it perfect and add no time at all. This competition is not just about making the drinks fast – they need to be of the highest quality as well.

The bracket continues to the final four – then the final two, but there can be only one winner. The Fastest time in the final head-to-head match-up with the least time additions will be the victor.

It will be an insanely fast-paced and exciting day of cocktails. Tickets are only available in advance. For ticket information and more information about Speed Rack go the Eat! Vancouver website and check out Speed Rack on Twitter & Facebook.




To get a better idea of what Speed Rack looks like in full action check this out:


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