Hennessy VS Re-Fashioned Competition

Hennessy VS Re-Fashioned Competition
August 5, 2015 Trevor Kailles


Charton Hobbs, Hennessy & Wildebeest are bringing their ever-popular Hennessy Very Special Re-Fashioned cocktail competition back to Vancouver. Timelines are very slim to participate in this unique cocktail comp – August 10 being both the submission deadline as well as the product seminar & quiz (counting for 10% of your final score).

Last year Grant Sceney took home the prize and shortly thereafter traveled to Cognac, France to experience the house of Hennessy with 12 bartenders from all over the world competing in (and winning) a team-based cocktail showdown in an aircraft hangar.

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We imagine that Hennessy has something equally epic planned for this year’s winner.

Details are below. Good Luck!

**Please note that this is not a CPBA cocktail competition, nor will CPBA score sheets or technical judging apply**


-Pictured: Wildebeest, 120 W Hastings St, Vancouver



Hennessy and Charton-Hobbs are proud to presents the “Hennessy Very Special Refashioned” Invitational Cocktail Competition on Tuesday, August the 11th, 2015 at 12:00 PM at Wildebeest, 120 W Hastings.

Each bartender is required to RSVP by sending their Original Hennessy Very Special cocktail recipes by August 10th, 2015, containing no less and 30ml of Hennessy Very Special. Only spirits available in our market will be accepted.

There will be a mandatory Hennessy seminar at The Keefer Bar on Monday, August 10th at 1:00 PM followed by a quiz that will count for 10 percent of your final mark.

Each bartender will have to make for the judges:

  1. Their original Hennessy Very Special creation
  2. A classic brandy cocktail using Hennessy Very Special
  3. A non brandy based classic cocktail using Hennessy Very Special

To add a certain level of challenge, this will be a timed competition allowing only 6 minutes to execute the three cocktails for the judges (only one of each). Points will be awarded for Taste, Originality, Technique and Speed.

The winner of the “Hennessy Very Special Refashioned” Cocktail Competition will be awarded a VIP Mixing Experience to Hennessy in Cognac and Paris, France, in September, 2015

Please email your RSVP and recipes by August 10th, 2015 to JS Dupuis at jdupuis@chartonhobbs.com as well as any questions in regards to the competition.

Good Luck!!