ANNOUNCEMENT: ATTABOY Pop Up and Exclusive Members Only Seminar coming to Vancouver

ANNOUNCEMENT: ATTABOY Pop Up and Exclusive Members Only Seminar coming to Vancouver
October 17, 2015 Amber Bruce



CPBA is proud to announce, that we will be hosting none other than Sam Ross and Micky McIlroy, of the one and only, Attaboy, in New York City. This special visit will include a popup cocktail event on Tuesday October 27th followed by a CPBA member-exclusive seminar and QnA as part of the Launch of the Brown Forman Spirit Quest.


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In case you live under a rock without a wifi connection, let us fill you in on the magic that is this dynamic duo:

  1. Both Sam and Micky held down the fortress that is Milk & Honey in New York City, for close to a decade. Milk and Honey was arguably the most important bar in this cocktail revolution.
  2. Attaboy, Sam and Micky’s creation, took over the space of the old Milk & Honey, when it moved uptown.
  3. Attaboy has been on the list of top 50 bars for the last three years, including #3 in 2014 & #11 this year.
  4. You know the Penicillin cocktail? Yeah? How about the Paper Plane? Also Yeah? Both are credited to Sam Ross, so you know, there’s that.
  5. Sam was named USA bartender of the year in 2011. He also used to cut his own hair.




These living legends will step behind the bar at the Keefer bar for a Pop Up where they will be serving classics alongside some of the cocktails they are famous for. Bar opens at 6:00pm. Tickets are $50 and include two cocktails.

Get your tickets to the PopUp HERE.

The next day they will be giving a seminar, along with a Q&A session that will be exclusive to CPBA members, so put your thinking caps on and get your fan girl questions drawn up.




You can also catch them on Monday, October 26 where they will be judging the Barate Kid Grande Finale at Republic. The excitement starts at 6:00pm.  This is set to be one of the highlight of the year and not to be missed!!


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